We are Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser, the founders of TRaG. We are Serbian, German, and Israeli artists based in Frankfurt am Main.
Trag means in the Serbian language a lane, a track ; TRaG is a platform to create works, it consist of the three performers but other participants are welcome to join for larger scale of works.

After several years of friendship and individual work as performance artists we decided to try to perform also together. This came from a need to exchange thoughts, ideas, to experiment and create works that none of us can perform bye our selves.


TRaG: Stefanie Trojan, Barak Reiser and Snežana Golubovi?
Summer 2017, Skyline Plaza, Frankfurt a.M

The work takes place on Skyline-Plaza's observation deck.
The three performers stand there for a while, raising a wooden sign high above themselves. This 15 minute performance is the opening action
of a series of future works under the same title, Willkommen. The works will take place in Frankfurt’s historical centre in 2018.

Willkomen#2: Red Carpet
TRaG: Stefanie Trojan, Barak Reiser and Snežana Golubović
2018, (photos: Celina Lunsford) Frankfurt a.M’s historical centre

Here is a still, documenting the preparation for an action in September 2018.

TRaG: Stefanie Trojan, Barak Reiser and Snežana Golubovi?, featuring: Niklas Klotz
2018, video: 15 min., Franken Alle, Frankfurt a.M

During this action, the four performers, unfold a 4x5 meter plastic tarp, and stand within the middle of this boulevard, holding this transparent rectangle on each corner. At
the end of this action this layer of plastic, is folded again, and the four performers leave this site.

Circle#8: Lichtkreis
TRaG: Stefanie Trojan, Barak Reiser and Snežana Golubovi?
19th till 22nd March 2018, video: 45 min. (photos: Kirk Zeltinger), Ludiwig Erhard Anlage, Frankfurt a.M

The work was performed over the course of four evenings , Monday to Thursday, 8:45-09:30 pm, at the Ludwig Erhard Anlage. The performance took place, during the week of the Luminale Light Show.
Lichtkreis (in German: Light Circle) was a work which was performed on four evening in the same place, Each evening was a continuation of the evening before.
The three performers, wearing black, were standing, on a half circle platform above a pond, with a distance to each other. Each of them was holding a flash light, in chest
height, pointing away from their body.
During this work, in an act of repletion, each of them started to move on their spot, in a circle in different tempos. The first artist slow doing one circle and than stands still.
The second artist moved a bit faster creating two circles, and the third one a bit fast than the two others, creating three circles each time.

Walk#3: In Water
TRaG: Stefanie Trojan, Barak Reiser and Snežana Golubovi?
2018, video: 15 min., Frankfurt a.M
Foto: Ljuba Jovi?evi?

Wearing a black full bodysuits, the three performers walks back and forth, in private indoor swimming pool.

Circle #7: Camouflage
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Since Fall 2016, Sonnenring’s garden, Frankfurt a.M

The work takes place in a garden on top of a small hill. The artists hide behind five trees that were planted in a circle. From to time, one of the artists leaves their place
behind one tree, and quickly moves to stand behind another tree.
The performances document nature's change over the course of time, with at least one performance for each of the four seasons.

Stadt – Halten
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
2016, five “New Frankfurt” public housing projects, Frankfurt a.M

The work was performed over the course of one week, Monday to Friday, 12am-4pm, at the following housing projects: Hellerhofsiedlung, Heimatsiedlung, Bornheimer Hang, Römerstadt and Westhausen.
The performance was part of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt's Sommertour 2016 project- Stadtlabor unterwegs.
Stadt-Halten was a 5 days, performative intervention, set in five different New Frankfurt public housing projects. These five locations were chosen, in order to represent a
circle surrounding Frankfurt's city center. (Beginning west of the city's centre then on to the south, the the east. and ending in the north)
Different situations were created at each of the chosen locations. The work, portrayed through constant motion, is about repetition, construction and deconstruction. The
work was visualized using 111 roofing battens (Dachlatten), which were partially painted in original colours used on these historically preserved buildings from the 1920s.

Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
2016, Ausstellungshalle 1A, Frankfurt a.M

USW is TRaG’s first indoor work, which was performed in an empty gallery space. USW, is the German acronym for “und so weiter”, which in English means: “and so on”.
The intention was to create a two hour performance, between 6 and 8 pm. This is the usual time an opening in the gallery would take place. The performance itself started
prior to opening the gallery doors at 6 pm. However, the public was able to view into the gallery through the windows from the courtyard in front of the gallery.
During the performance each of three artists (wearing red, blue and black) walked their individual track, at their own specific pace. Each of the tracks made up of one of the
U, S, or W, and covered the entire gallery floor, which is approximately 220 sq/m. Each of the artists walked their letter's shape back and forth, as a continuous loop without
pausing. Despite the repetitive action, the performance took on additional character, as the audience was free to move about the space during the performance.

Circle #6: A sand model
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Brüsseler Strasse / Osloer Strasse  Frankfurt 22.7.2015

The work is in the shape of a circle. The artists create sand models on an empty lot in the city.
The work begins with a 200Kg pile of sand. Within an hour the artists created a model with three elements. Every 10 minutes they stood up and changed places in a
clockwise manner. With every move, each artist continued working on the previous artist's work. The end result had the appearance of three buildings, which in a way
assimilated a conceptual model for a future project on the site.

Walk #2: 120 Platten
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Eisenbahnbrücke/Westhafen Frankfurt 9.2.2015

Walking one meter per second for one hour

Circle #5: 2r x π=1h
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz Frankfurt 16.9.2014

Walking a circle of 64 meters in 1 hour.

Circle #5: 2r x π=1h
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz Frankfurt 19.5.2014

Walking a circle of 64 meters in 2 hours.

Circle#4: Billy System
Snežana Golubović,Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Several Neighborhoods in Frankfurt a.M., 19.5.2014

A work in which public bookcases change their social flavor by altering its content. This work creates and documents an exchange between public bookcases located in various neighborhoods of Frankfurt am Main. The repetitive action involves removing  the contents of one cabinet (public bookcase) in order to transfer its complete contents to a bordering neighborhood's public bookcase. Following its removal, the contents are then exchanged with that of the previous public book case. This invokes a movement within an area of a city, in this instance it was a circular movement , beginning and ending at the same place / public bookcase.

Circle#3: Colosseo 3,5 x 17 =60
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz, Frankfurt a.M. 5.5.14

A one hour walk around a round building. How did the people manage to tear down the walls of Jericho? How long did it take to built up a arena? How often does it take to walk around a Colosseo in one hour?

Circle #2 : Like…
Performance Opernplatz, Frankfurt a.M. 2013
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser

Every 5minutes we grap the bottle, open it, stand up and drink.

Circle #1: U-H-R
Snežana Golubović, Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser
2013, Frankfurt a.M.

A temporary traffic island, made up of cement blocks, was the chosen location for this work. This circular area around the traffic island is used to represent the dial of a clock, or Uhr (U-H-R) in GermanThis one hour work has three performers. Each one of the performers is dressed in a different color (in this version:  black, white and red) and moves about the dial like the hands of a clock. More specifically, each performer represents a different element of time, similar to the three hands on a clock ' s dial. However, in this case, the performers don ' t represent the standard time increments (seconds, minutes and hours), but rather increments of five, ten, and fifteen minutes, all represented by different distances. As a result, the three performers will only stand together (at the same point) twice on the make-shift dial, once after 30 min., and again after 60 min

Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser  
2012, Along the Mainzer Landstrasse, Frankfurt a.M

The work offered pedestrians, who were passing by, the spontaneous chance to jump rope during their lunch brake. Three different locations were chosen along the Mainzer Landstrasse, one of Frankfurt ’s busiest streets. The work was repeated three times at each location, between 12 and 1pm, at a one week interval.

Walk#1 (Two Suitcaes)
Stefanie Trojan and Barak Reiser  
2012, Between Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Central Train Staion

A walk which started at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2. Each of the performers is rolling a one full black suitcase through the forest, Niederrad, Sachsenhausen, on the bridge over the Main to Westhafen, Gutleut till Frankfurt Central Station.